Saturday, July 23, 2011


So I thought a clever and time-saving solution to whitening my teeth would be the new 2 Hour Express whitening strips by Crest. I timed exactly two hours but it didn't matter. The nerve damage was already done, so today, every time I even opened my mouth, the air hurt my teeth. I had to forgo a slurpee because I knew it would most likely kill me, my liver is now suffering from the effects of how much Tylenol I had to wash down to keep my sanity in check, and I hardly smiled all day long (and if I did on accident, I immediately frowned afterwards because of the pain). It doesn't even matter that my smile is a little whiter because I can't open my stupid mouth! It's almost been 24 hours since I took the strips off and the pain has hardly subsided. I guess next time I want to go on a diet all I need to do is use these! Advice? Don't use the Crest Express whitening strips. Yikes.

In other news...tomorrow L and I leave for Idaho to visit my grandparents (his great-grandparents). It will be a great time for Hannah and Spencer to get to know L a little better, and to get a few more days with my mom until they leave to go back home. I just hope everyone is prepared to be high energy entertainers, because we're gonna need it for the car ride up!

I was looking through my pictures today because we were talking about our life a year ago (before we even knew we were pregnant) and I found one that was almost exactly 12 months ago. We were definitely happy, but there's something (or should I say, someone) missing (technically, he's there, we just didn't know it yet)!

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