Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our Fourth of July

I didn't exaggerate when I said I loved Sugar House Park.  This year (thanks to RC Willey's last minute donation), Salt Lake City's main firework event was there.  After some hamburgers, Slurpees, and the extra long way on the freeway (Lincoln had to get his nap in somewhere), we headed to the park to get a good spot, and some funnel cake, for the big show.  I have never seen so many people crammed together that closely in my life!

After taking in all the chaos, we headed over to get some funnel cake. Apparently, everyone else at the park had the same idea...

Where's Wal - I mean...Rachel?

We worried the mile walk to the park, plus the few hours of waiting, might be too much for L, but he did great and was entertained by the billion people everywhere (at least one of us was)! We found a minuscule patch of grass to sit on, and killed an hour by enjoying an amazing funnel cake (I've never had one before), and taking some pictures while the sun finished setting.

And finally...fireworks!!! They were well worth the wait, and L did much better than his first experience!

Another reason I love living in Salt Lake City is the Fourth of July. You can't beat this celebration!

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