Monday, February 11, 2013

Buildin' Forts and Stuff

These cardboard blocks have been Lincoln's new obsession, especially when Tyce is home to build a fortress around him.  Watching these two boys play together is kinda my favorite thing in the world right now.  I love that regardless of how "cool" a guy might seem, as soon as building blocks or legos are out, they're down on the floor playing just as hard as the toddler next to them.


  1. So cute! (I remember having cardboard blocks similar to these when I was little too!)

  2. That is so true. My husband becomes a two year old the second they start playing with the race cars or helicoptors. I love these block pictures (the hubby looks cute too- in a complimentary way. The one of Lincoln peeking through is frame worthy.

  3. these are awesome...where did you get these