Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Year Kisses, (etc)

For New Year's Eve (being such party animals) we visited Temple Square to see the Christmas lights.  Every year we've set aside an evening to see the lights, but hands down, this year won for "most freezing."  After walking in fifteen degree weather for fifteen minutes, we got back into our car and slowly drove around Temple Square, Lincoln pointing to all the different lights, yelling, "ober 'der!  ober 'der!"

Our yearly visit to Temple Square's lights is the only night where I can 100% justify paying $4.00 for apple cider.  I was seriously concerned for Lincoln's little fingers, because even with gloves on, my hands were so cold they started burning (ironic, I know).  Once we were home and Lincoln was warm in bed, we rang in 2013 by watching fireworks from our balcony (with crossed fingers the explosions wouldn't wake Lincoln).

Sidenote: if Lincoln looks like he's wearing lipstick, it's probably because he is, courtesy of my kisses!


  1. Love the kissing photos. I cannot for the life of me brave red lipstick! I just don't feel that bold, but it looks fierce on you!

  2. True, LeiShell. Love it on Jen, wouldn't dream of it on me.
    Great pictures and yes, that cold ruins a fun time. I love that Salt Lake does fireworks for New Years. The city has some personality which makes it at least fun for pictures!
    Loved them all!