Monday, December 31, 2012

Gingerbread Houses & Animal Cookies

When I was younger, so were my grandparents.  Totally rude of them, I know.  Since they were "alive and kicking" then, whereas now they are "almost dead and stiff" (directly quoting them), they had the energy to host a huge gingerbread house party for our entire family every Christmas Eve.

A few years ago they called it quits (not life - just cooking and laundry) and moved into a Veteran's home an hour away.  And so ended the tradition.  Until this Christmas, anyways.

Now that our immediate family is large enough (due to my own, generous donation), my parents thought it would be fun to start that tradition up again.  Like usual, they were right.  Because tell me one person who doesn't love a sugar rushed launch into their childhood dream of becoming an architect?  You know I'm right.  And then that sugar crashed nap afterward?  Heavenly.

P.S.  I would like to point out, for honesty's sake, that I did not make a gingerbread house because I was helping Lincoln choke down more sugar than he's had in his life, all concentrated into 15 minutes (courtesy of Mrs. Claus).

The house I'm 'reppin in the last picture was made by my dad.  And isn't it beautiful?  Well...not as beautiful as the "teepee-turned-Santa Claus-hat" created by Jake (whom should love this holiday because all he needs is a green shirt, and, bam!  He's Christmas colored).


  1. Ahhhh, Jen you should be an editor or a writer!! Maybe even focus on Christmas or children, your specialties;) Was such fun, wasn't it? I love when a tradition sticks because 'you want it' not because you 'have to'. Great memories with my favorite people!!!

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