Monday, October 22, 2012

Last geese of the summer

I love feeding the geese with Lincoln...until they get snippy, or until the bottom of my sandals turn sticky from mass amounts of white, feathery poop.  Then it's not as fun, but I digress.  On Labor Day Weekend (yep - almost a month ago), my sister, Rachel, visited us for a few days while Tyce's parents also drove down for an evening of food, Lincoln loves, and geese feeding.

Last week, Lincoln and I sat on the balcony and watched several groups of geese begin their winter migration.  Their huge "V" formation made it easy for Lincoln to spot and keep his attention (for the entire 30 seconds they were visible).  Although the geese were fun to feed (and chase) during the summer, they really are the most beautiful when they're flying away!


  1. Fun pictures and we enjoyed spending the time with you. Can't wait until the next visit.

  2. Had that been Eli, he would have completely submerged himself! How fun!