Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pioneer Day Fireworks (wah-waaah)

In Utah, there is such a holiday as "Pioneer Day:" banks and pharmacies close, parades are the cool thing to watch, and there are fireworks, fireworks, fireworks!  While Tyce was driving around trying to find a parking spot (which sadly, never happened), my sister Rachel, Lincoln and I camped out on a crowded, closed-off street, to watch the city's firework display.

Since Lincoln was sort of (insanely) exhausted because it was so late and Tyce didn't make it out of the car, the fireworks weren't as exciting as anticipated...but that was okay, since earlier, I had made a "little" purchase from a firework stand, giving us another chance for a perfect firework show (I expect much more purple sparklies and a lot less people).

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  1. He looks so big in that last picture! What a fun time...sounds like you made the best of it!