Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A date with a short, bald, and smiley guy

On Saturday, I went on a date with a handsome, very chatty little boy.  Tyce went to a friend's farewell party which threatened Lincoln's bedtime if we also attended, so instead, we took a mini-date to Wholefoods.  We got a cupcake to share, flowers for me, and a balloon for him (which has impressively kept it's float).  Very date-like, if I do say so myself.

Once we got home I put Lincoln to bed and began reorganizing a messy section of my closet.  In the middle of changing loads of laundry and color coordinating Tyce's beanies, it dawned on me: this little evening held more bits of happiness than any party would have.

Although ending the night reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear isn't exciting or extraordinary, these moments weave together something bigger and more substantial, forming an emotional safety net against the world's pain.  The promise of laughter every day and a peaceful soul each night is worth more to me than I could ever have imagined, and I think that's important to remember.

Sometimes when it feels like I'm missing out on the parties, I have to step back and look at my life to remember where the beauty truly lies, and where I'm happiest.  For me, the answer might not seem glamorous, but it's where my heart feels the most resilient and fulfilled!

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  1. That was summed up quite well! I too feel like that! I don't always feel stylish or up on the latest thing...but then I look at my baby boy and see that is where the sacrifice came in and I am totally okay with it. BTW, you look amazing! Must be getting good sleep still, eh?