Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wisdom Teeth Only

My sister Rachel came to visit last week, and showed me her emerging wisdom teeth.  I immediately made her call my mom, made an appointment for her to have them removed while she was with me (part of my plan to make her stay longer), and bought extra popsicles for the next few days.  Everything went very smoothly and I'm not jealous at all (yeah right) that her face didn't swell one bit from the surgery!

I will say this: my sister is a very cheerful and humorous person when she's high from anesthesia.  As she sat in the car with bandages around her face to hold the ice packs against her cheeks, waving to whoever happened to look her way, I asked where my mom's credit card was (to pay for the medication).  Rachel kept telling me about fish, saying "Nemo!  Hahah, I just love Nemo!  I'm not crying because I love Nemo!"  Finally, I figured out that my mom's card was the one with Finding Nemo characters on it.  The entire day was like playing the game Clue!

The next day, after I fed both Lincoln and Rachel a similar fruit smoothie for breakfast and tucked them both in for a midday nap, I heard Rachel yell, "WHAT!? Hi!  Ohh, hahhaha, hi!" so I assumed she got a phone call.  Then I realized her phone was right next to my computer.  Oh the joys of percocets!

P.S.  Did I mention the above picture is from day #2 post-surgery?!  Personally, I looked similar to a chipmunk, but here's Rachel, "not even ready for the day" and looking better than when I try to look that effortlessly pretty.  No fair, Rach.  No fair.


  1. my cheeks didn't swell but i got myself a lovely dry socket because they didn't tell me not to use a straw !

  2. Seriously, your sis is gorgeous. I didn't swell when I got mine out either. I even ate fajitas that same night! Haha Loved the story of her high on percocets. I'm sure she loves it

  3. That is so funny! I'm glad you wrote down what she said because I forgot what Amy and Spencer said when they came out from under the anesthesia. Thanks again for taking care of her! And you're right, she looks great for just getting 4 wisdom teeth out!!