Thursday, February 2, 2012

Nobody died and I want a gold star.

Last night I babysat for the first time in 9 years.  I was honestly a little nervous to watch an 18 and 10 month old, but since their age gap is close to what I want between my own kids, I gave it a shot.  I was expecting more of a mess and less overall control, possibly preparing for someone to start choking or discover a fatal allergy, but the catastrophic events never occurred.

Besides my fruit snacks mysteriously disappearing and the bite of ice cream Lincoln was fed when I wasn't looking, I'd say I'm a pretty good babysitter.  Of course, I am the oldest of 6 siblings, so I do have a little babysitting experience, it's just been a long time!


  1. lol! It's funny how even though we have our own children, watching someone else's how be nerve nerve wracking. I bet Lincoln had a great time hanging out with other kids and I bet he REALLY loved the ice cream ;)

  2. hahaha I LOVE that last picture!! So glad that I will be getting another niece or nephew soon?!! eh eh!?

  3. The title of this made me laugh:)! Success! Haha! I bet Lincoln loved the company...and I second that...another eh?!...LOL

  4. Ha - loving these photos. That's also the age-gap I want for my children. Lord help up. ;)

  5. Ah yes....the babysitting years. Remember me telling you guys to stay off the Corian because it could crack? and as we drove away there was Jen dancing on the counter! Remember hanging Spencer over the deck by his heals and then losing your grip on your precious little brother? Or when you and Darlene staged yourself on the driveway with ketchup squirted all around and then screamed for the babysitter? I'm sorry, I couldn't resist....they make me!!!
    Love the pictures and you're right, it's time for another baby!

    1. pssh...i dont remember any of that ;)