Saturday, January 14, 2012


A few nights ago we watched the movie Hook and it was a completely different movie as an adult and a parent, but just as good as when I was little (which is very rare for childhood movies).

Throughout the entire movie Tyce and I kept making comments about how amazing this line was, how we remembered that scene when we were little.  How it's so nostalgic and brings back the magic of childhood.

And so many good lines!  I thought about including a few of my favorites in this post but I became overwhelmed by how many there are, so instead I'll just strongly encourage a movie night.  I can't wait until Lincoln is old enough to follow the story because then we can put it on replay.  I'm serious about my Hook.


  1. So, they sell these projectors for your computer and it makes a big screen on the wall! Just a thought so you can make movie nights that much better;) I love that movie, I can't wait ( well, I can) til Eli likes movies without cartoon characters!:)

  2. BANGARANG!!!!
    haha, Wish we would have watched that when you guys were home!! Such an amazing movie!!
    Flipping cutest picture!!!