Thursday, January 12, 2012

C is for cookie

My mom gave me a delicious recipe for oatmeal cookies.  I've made them twice and can't get them to taste as good as they did when we made them in my mom's kitchen.  Why is that?  It's rude, I tell you!  We make half with raisins (for me), half with chocolate chips (for Tyce).  After they're out of the oven, I don't like them touching each other; I enforce segregation of the chocolate chipped - I don't want their melty brown goo to get on mine!

This video was what inspired our cookie craving, so we put it on replay while we mixed ingredients.  We know the neighbors appreciated our music choice.  Who doesn't love an off-note singing monster?  


  1. Eli sings that! SO cute! I am noticing a change in Lincoln..his face looks longer, less babyish:( And seriously send me some cookies! I will take one of each kind, thank you! ;)

  2. awwwww these pictures are soo dang adorable! You can see his hair in these!! (It's also a little sad that I still know the lyrics to this seasame street song!)

  3. cute! looks like you guys had a fun time baking cookies!

  4. OK. I saw your pictures and I just don't remember coconut oil in the calls for shortening, right? That is probably the reason. Plus, you don't have a vita-mix to grind the flour to powder. Maybe it's the mixer. Either way, sorry they didn't turn out as good.
    Miss your faces!Wish you were here!