Wednesday, December 7, 2011

what's making me smile (and laugh a little) today

1. My baby's naked bum.

2. How Lincoln reminds me of a 95 year old bald man with a walker when he pushes his "first steps" wheeled toy around.

3. That Tyce is at home and I can go kiss him whenever i want (even if he had to go through food poisoning yesterday).

4. Using Christmas songs as lullabies.

5. Molasses ginger snaps.

6. My moose head socks that Lincoln keeps smiling at whenever I walk by.

7. The new way our living room is arranged (leaving the drapes more accessible to play peek-a-boo).

8. My cupboard stalked with ground flaxseed, steel cut oats, and almonds (ready to be ground up and added to Lincoln's food).

9. Pomegranate in every meal (granola, salad, ice cream - what can't I put them on?).

10. Sharing grapes with Lincoln while we sit on the floor in front of the refrigerator.


  1. Cutest post. I miss that cute lil bum of his!!!

  2. mmm, I love pomegranate! I just gave Evelyn grapes for the first time the other day and she loved them.