Friday, December 9, 2011

weekend links

Somehow we have been pretty busy the past week, and I'm anxious for Tyce to take his finals so I can have him all to myself for a few days.  I'm feeling pretty selfish with Tyce's time lately, so I'm glad he gets a break soon (hear that, employment?  And you, education?  He's mine!).  I hope everyone has a festive weekend, Christmas is just around the corner!  Here's a few links I've had my eye on...

Modern perforated trees.

This website is hilarious!

Every song by The Beatles, played simultaneously.

What an awesome app!

I would love these knuckle tattoo gloves in my stocking :)

Adorable heart earbuds.

Cool idea for a Christmas tree in a too-small-for-a-Christmas-tree space (also found here).

Whoah!  That's some intense concealer!

Some interesting facts and figures about Christmas.


  1. Absolutely LOVE the blog girl! And Oh. My. Goodness.

    Your son is the cutest little santa I've ever seen! Precious little man.

    Is it alright if I "follow" you?
    That sounds way creepy.

    Feel free to follow me as well, (if you like) always looking to meet new friends as I just started online blogging!

    Take care, xo

  2. awwww- the thigh rolls !! :] naked babies are just too cute. and they really are so much happier that way !

    that world lens app is so cool. i saw it on tv last night and wished i had an iphone just to play with that. and wow.... that concealer video was insane !!!

  3. Lincoln is too cute in his Santa hat!

    Great list of links! The Word Lens app looks amazing!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I just followed over here from a comment you left at Nat the Fat Rat. You have just the cutest little blog--and Lincoln is SO darling. How old?!

    I love finding new blogs, so I'll be back to read some more for sure. If you want to come say hi, I blog over at reverie..


  5. Guess what I see? Lincoln's two little bottom teeth.

  6. As usual I love the links. And last year Eli had a little Santa hat...oh how I miss it! SO cute!

  7. Your baby boy is adorable! Found you from a comment on Smoetimes Sweet but couldn't figure out how to follow :(