Wednesday, November 30, 2011

it's Christmas time in the city

It's becoming our tradition (Tyce, Rach and mine) to go and see the lights at Temple Square every Christmas season.  Last year we went the last weekend the lights were up so the crowds were insane.  I was pregnant, it was freezing, and the parking was pretty horrendous.  This year, we switched it up and went the first weekend the lights were on to lessen the crowd (and cold) situation.

For the first 15 minutes Lincoln did great, but he got cold faster than we anticipated (he was wearing so many layers he was literally one giant puff ball) so we walked around the short way and headed back to the [closely parked] car.  It was fun to see him reach out to touch the lights, and made us more excited (possible?) for Christmas.  The minute we got in the car, Lincoln nuzzled his cold nose against me, then happily babbled the rest of the drive (nursing=magic).  Once home, we made chocolate chip cookies and warmed up with hazelnut hot chocolate.  Now we just need a tree and it will officially feel like Christmas!


  1. I want your coat. I want your boots. Ugh, could you stop making me feel so fashionless??? ;)

  2. great pictures. :] lincoln looks sooo cute in his beanie !