Wednesday, October 26, 2011

that one time I dressed up two years ago...

I'm starting to get excited for Halloween, and all the fun festivities (I must be excited to use that word) happening this weekend.  In the past, I think the only time I ever "dressed up" [as an adult] was two years ago.  Because Tyce made me (he is sorta really into Halloween costumes).  Tyce was Michael Jackson, and I was "a star" (or Captain Obvious).

Maybe I hated costumes because the majority available to girls were way too short/low/sexy to actually wear in October (or ever outside of my bedroom?), or maybe because I was always busy studying for midterms, but this year Halloween is a completely different game.  It's fun!  Because I have a baby, the pressure is off to look like a hot version of cat woman, and on to look like a character from Sesame Street.  Bring it!


  1. Dude. You look soooooooooo gorgeous in these pictures!

  2. Whoops. I accidentally put my name as "r"

  3. i hate slutty halloween costumes! yay for fun halloween!

  4. Like Hannah says, "Are they working or walking?!" We went to Party Plus yesterday. I could get Dad to be a great hippie...but he won't. And I could be one, but it would be more revealing than our honeymoon. Say la vie (how do you spell) guess what we're going as? That's right. Us. That's scary enough:)
    Love you and wish I could see little man in his costume.
    PS---Tyson is a GREAT Michael J!

  5. ha ha! love the costumes! are you guys doing a family themed costume idea this year with lincoln?

  6. we are going to attempt "old mcdonald had a farm" costumes :)