Friday, October 21, 2011

holy friday!

I can't believe the weekend is here already!  Tyce works on Saturday (and has Mondays off), so it doesn't feel too weekendy around here ... yet.  We are trying to finish running some errands, but since we took a huge, glorious nap today (air high fives!) we are running a bit behind.  Also not helping us get anything done: Lincoln has learned how to "dance" to music, so we've both been rocking out over here.  I think we've gone through the entire new album of Foster the People and Muse.  We are thinking that cupcakes will help get us motivated to hurry a little faster and get out of here?  And hot chocolate, of course.  Maybe that will help Friday feel more like itself!

*this picture is from over a year ago ... ah the shagadelic tyce!


  1. He is dancing to music? See you in a couple of hours, I can't stand being away from him. haha.
    That photo is hilarious. You both look so different! I also remember that really comfortable couch and how you gave it away....

  2. that picture is so great ! babies dancing are so fun to watch, i can see how you are distracted. :]

  3. there are few things more amusing than a little one with rythem. so cute!


  4. Yay, for naps! You two are hilarious. Such a cute couple.