Wednesday, October 5, 2011

game time.

Have you ever played the swing-baby-in-blanket game?  Every Monday growing up, my family would have "family home evening:" we dedicated the evening to enjoying one another's company while we were taught a short lesson, played games, and had dessert afterwards.  And every Monday, the child under the age of 3 would always ask to be swung in the blanket for "games."  Somehow I forgot about this simple game that offers such enthusiastic results, so Rachel reminded me how much we used to love it.  I think Lincoln would've slept in the blanket if we'd kept swinging!

And speaking of games...lately I feel like our world has suddenly turned into a giant game of keep-away, thanks to baby boy's crawl practice (and near perfection).  Obviously, he's kept me very busy.  I'm already feeling claustrophobic in this little apartment when I think of the winter months ahead!


  1. i hate to break it to you, but the keep away won't stop annnny time soon ! be glad you have a smaller place to baby-proof !!!

    he looks like he had a blast in the blanket swing ! :]

  2. That looked like a ton of fun!!!!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I am now an official follower of your awesome blog!! You have a beautiful family!

  3. It's the simple games! I think having something as simple as family night where kids know what to expect makes growing up more fun:) Way to start your own! And Jamie said it, smaller space to baby proof. :)

  4. You know, I remember swinging you when you were 8 years old! We did it until we couldn't hold the corners of the blanket anymore. I love that you girls are doing that with Lincoln...wish I was there to help!

  5. i know what you mean about apartment living & winter looming. what will we do to keep from going stir crazy? lots of movies, games & snuggles i guess!