Friday, September 9, 2011

On Thursday

I met up with a friend I grew up with, Lauren, and her two babies, Conrad and Scarlet, at the Gateway shopping center.  Today was hot, so we enjoyed the last of the heat (hopefully!) by watching her kids run around on the splash pad.  Every time we get together, I feel a little less homesick because of how well, and long, we've know each other (her dad even married Tyce and I).  Now we relate on an entirely new level: attempting to be mothers, wives, and still feel in touch with the world/fashion/social life we once knew.

We talked a lot about how our lives changed after having babies: from our bodies to the love of comfortable flats, things are so different!  A lot of moms say they don't want to "give up their old life just because they have a baby," and I understand, yet disagree.  Two years ago, Lauren and I would have met up for sushi, wearing platforms and red lipstick.  Now, although we still have the choice to do the same (kids in tow), we choose to meet up somewhere our kids can play, and dress so we can sit and play with them.  Some days I [really, really] miss my heels, but what I am doing with my life right now is so much greater (and dare I say more fun)!  So I understand the concept of "not changing because of a baby," but I don't know how possible (or comfortable, or motherly, or responsible) that idea is.  It was nice to talk to someone who agreed with me that a girl's life can change after a baby without becoming boring, her body can change and still be attractive, and although heels are wonderful, flats can still be just as cute!

And then, feeling very empowered, we went to Sugar House Park and had a mason jar picnic (inspired by this article).

Did I mention Lauren is moving to Arizona next month?  And just when our play dates were warming up!  Rude, Lauren.


  1. SO adorable. I almost break my ankle each time I venture out in platforms so I'm more than happy to give them up. x hivenn

  2. great pictures as always ! :] i can't even remember the last time i tried to wear heels. brett is just too dang heavy and it isn't worth it !!! :] by the way, you have inspired me to finally start using my blog. ;]

  3. Honestly, you nailed it. Motherhood changes everything but in a good way! Sorry to hear she's,moving:( Friends are essential to staying sane:)

  4. even though i look 3,000 tons. BEST DAY EVER! will you marry me? have my kids?