Tuesday, August 23, 2011

a little sugar

Today I woke up starving.  Baby boy is eating every other hour throughout the night lately. While I am telling myself it's just a phase, I'm actually beginning to wonder if watching me stumble over to his crib like a zombie (to say the least) is too hilarious for Lincoln to pass up.  Personally, I don't really appreciate the humor of the situation, but apparently I'm not the one calling the shots around here!

Last Saturday we went to Dave and Elena's wedding, where Tyce was one of the groomsmen.  They choose the most beautiful locations to be married (Capitol Hill) and have their reception (Devereaux Mansion), and they both looked so happy to be together and sharing the day with friends and family.  Tyce got to see old friends, I got to eat as many truffles and creme puffs as my heart desired, and Lincoln got to taste a little sugar that someone snuck him while we weren't looking.

(Does the last picture make anyone else think of the guy from LMFAO? When I see this picture I immediately start singing "everyday I'm shuffling" in my head)


  1. k, I LOVE THIS!! Jennifer. You do your top knot too cute! Love the last picture as well!!!!! =)

  2. haha, cute pictures! My family always gives Eli sugar when I am not looking! And that's what nursing does, it makes you STARVING! Why do you think I am so skinny?! UGH!