Sunday, July 3, 2011

Purple Rain (and some bottle rockets)

Tyson said "it's so much more fun now that we have Lincoln here. Everything is new, all over again," and I agree. The best Fourth of July party in the world couldn't compete with being able to see Lincoln watch his first fireworks. On Friday we went to a fireworks stand and purchased our first explosives of the month: two large fountain fireworks called "purple rain," plus the classic sparklers and ground bloomers. We also had a few bottle rockets we purchased on our way back from Las Vegas a few months ago, so we held off on all of the big fireworks that Utah has finally legalized this year, because we knew those would satisfy our need to blow stuff up (for one night, anyways). Rachel and my love for fireworks is almost unhealthy - we get way too excited (possible?) and I think some people started feeling crowded by us jumping up and down and yelling for Tyson to "come lookitt this one!" I don't care. I'm going back as soon as I have another excuse to literally burn money. It's what the Founding Fathers would have wanted.

Saturday night we lit the fireworks in the back of our apartment complex. We kept Lincoln up a little past his bedtime so that it could be completely dark. He loved looking at all the lights (even though he looks somewhat terrified in the pictures), and now I can't wait until Monday when we get to be right under the huge fireworks at the park. After we went home, Rachel and Tyson sat out on our balcony and watched a fireworks show in the Salt Lake valley, while I put Lincoln to bed (he was so tired he had no problem falling asleep, even with the loud explosions outside).

I hope everyone has an awesome Fourth of July!

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