Friday, July 8, 2011

just lucky, I guess

When people ask me "what I do," i usually reply, "I'm lucky, I get to stay home."  What i really mean is, "My husband and I have made the decision for me to stay home," even if that means not going out to eat as often, not seeing movies in 3D, or not living in our ideal apartment complex.  We have based the decision on the trust and security, the better communication, and the overall improved quality of life having a mom at home lends to the child.  I do not feel the need to defend my choice, and rather expect the woman who "just couldn't imagine staying home" to offer a valid explanation for why she prefers to work - because any mother who has the choice to stay home, should.  Would you really rather head to the office, than stay home with this face?  I didn't think so!

P.S. Lincoln rolled from his back to his tummy over and over yesterday ... there's no way I would've been anywhere else!

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