Saturday, July 30, 2011

ice ice baby

We recently saw our pediatrician for Lincoln's four month "well child" visit (yeah shots!). L's doctor asked if he was interested in food, to which we replied "oh not at all!" So we sorta skipped over the information about what to do when he does become interested, since we were are bound and determined to wait until he is 9 months to feed him solids.  We left the appointment, and I swear by that evening he kept eyeing my popsicle, then cried when we held him at the dinner table and he didn't get to eat the same stuff we were.  As my mom puts it, "he's getting it."  He's getting, or understanding, that what we eat is not the same as what he eats.  Apparently he thinks it's better than what he's getting?  Rude, Lincoln.

So again, good thing my mom was here visiting for the beginning of this traumatic stage, because she kinda swooped in and saved all when she let him taste a little piece of ice (the lady is crazy about her ice.  Seriously though).  It served as something new and exciting, and gave me the idea to make [what Tyce has dubbed] milk-sicles.  Now every time we eat and L gets a little cranky because he can't have the "big kid food," I break out the milk-sicles.  For now, this serves as a distraction until I can think of other options to get us through the next five and a half months!

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  1. Ah, but Jen, you give me too much credit! All the time, really. It was you that came up with the brilliant idea for the 'milk-sicles'. Never would have thought of that.
    Did I tell you I'm having withdrawals? I swear I need medication for this. What do you suppose they prescribe for missing a daughter, son-in-law, and wonderful little baby? I agree, there is nothing but being able to see you again! Two weeks!