Friday, February 8, 2013

And you wondered if I knew how to party!

This is what you do when your husband is gone on a business trip, right?  Just me, then?  Judge me harshly.

This was my last night to let Lincoln run around naked at midnight, then eat cookie dough for dinner - so I guess I could just say this was my last night to act completely irresponsible.  Although Tyson would've been happy about "dinner," he's one of "those people" who wants their child in bed at a decent time.  What do you call them again?  Oh yeah...parents.

Usually, I also fall into the "responsible parent" category...but today?  Nah.  We slept in, ate lots of veggie sticks (the horror!), and pushed bedtime back since Lincoln's naked bum reigned our apartment for longer than the usual "safe" amount of time (I had to re-learn this the hard way.  Again).  It was worth it (hopefully I'll feel the same way tomorrow)!


  1. Ha! subliminal memories, that is what you are reliving! I love babies naked buns....I love cookie dough, what more can I say? hope you both had a blast. Too much fun!

  2. You look so sick!!!

  3. up all night doing coke?

  4. She was sick and yes, up all night....vomiting.
    Her mom