Tuesday, September 25, 2012

On a rainy Tuesday...

We all know Mondays are...eh, somewhat exhausting?  But I've forgotten how "blah" they feel since Tyce doesn't work Mondays, so for the past three years it's like they didn't exist.  They're like our pseudo-Saturday, making the week fly by.  And we liked it!

However.  Tyce recently began work with a new company, requiring him to work Mondays, and man, it's totally throwing off my groove!  It's Tuesday and I'm still feeling the "Monday lurch" (a.k.a. I'm typing this in pink plaid drawstring pants...and yes, some may refer to them as pajamas).  Add rain to that equation and I think I need a cinnamon roll and new pair of shoes.

So, with an admission of a little laziness/distraction, I present a few favorite pictures that remind me of warmer times, which I've saved for very rainy, pajama-ish days.


  1. How cute are you in that last picture? I like the use of shades...cool guys!

  2. look how cute your boys are in their sunglasses. :] i love your bangs/hair ! i just don't know what to do with mine. it is such a pain to trim them but i feel a little naked without them. ;]

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!