Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ducks in a row (not anymore, sucka's!)

Our ( favorite thing to do when spotting ducks is chasing them back into the water.  At the parks we frequent, the ducks can be quite aggressive when onland, so it's more fun to avoid getting snapped at because my bracelet resembles delicious licorice, and just run at them.  It's like playing the game "chicken," except...they're ducks...and we know we will win.  Don't call PETA, I know the ducks love showing off their water skills, so it's fun for everyone.

*the only exception to this game is when there are ducklings - I would never chase those adorable babies away!  I'd even let them have a bite of my bracelet.

(I've just been informed these are not "ducks," they're geese.  Knowledge is power, kids!)


  1. How cute! We love duckies too! Eli loves to chase them. Your hair is gorgeous, btw!

  2. Those ducks look huge!! Lol. It's the simple things we enjoy most, like chasing ducks! You're a fun mama and Lincoln will definitely thank you for it when he is older

  3. Geese. I believe they're geese. Doesn't matter, they still float when wet;)