Sunday, September 16, 2012

At 18 months, Lincoln...

*says "duuuuude" to express excitement/interest
*loves classical music
*we have dance session (a.k.a. run circles in the living room) at 10:00 a.m. sharp every morning.  Usually to something hip-hop (Lupe Fiasco, anyone?) 
*drums with wooden spoons or Tyce's real drum sticks (if he's lucky) daily.
*knows sign language for food, activities, places, moods, and a handful of people.  I have no idea what we'd do without ASL.
*can say the word to almost every sign, the sound of most animals, and lots of small sentences.  Our favorites are "Ray" for Aunt Ray, "Maynah" for banana, "buh-bowz" for bubbles, "baah-bee" for baby, and "...go?" for "where'd it go?" 

*knows where (and can say) most of his facial features/body parts 
*goes down for naps/bedtime much better: after a book, he waves and tells himself goodnight in the mirror, calls "Neigh?" until found (our nightly game: hiding "Neigh" in Lincoln's room before bedtime, easing the transition from our laps to his bed because he gets excited to find his favorite stuffed animal to take to bed), signs his version of "I love you" (gun fingers), then blows us kisses.  It's an art form.
*is a master park slider  
*adores animals, particularly cats and dogs, who he barks or meows at 
*waves and yells "hiiiii!" at everyone, everywhere.  Even legitimate gangsters wave and say back.  The few people who ignore Lincoln seriously creep me out.
*still isn't hyped on solid food, but we're getting there
*possibly watches too much Curious George
*climbs on everything (possibly related to previous notation?)  
*is beginning to test boundaries
*still hardly has any hair, but still rocks the transparent few he's got
*laughs.  A lot.  (thank goodness!)


  1. Feels like a couple weeks ago I was driving down to meet him for the first time and now he is half way through 1. Don't understand it!! Love it though!

  2. I love how he knows how to sign. I was lazy and never taught Eli. But maybe I will a future one? Love all the cute things he is doing. And anyone who doesn't wave back to that lil cutie is definitely a creep!

  3. he is so adorable !!! i've noticed that "tough guys" around here even say hi back to brett. you just can't NOT say hi back to an enthusiastic little kid who likes everyone !

  4. Who cares if there isn't much hair yet...with a face like that hair would only be a distraction! Look at your dad;)