Monday, September 17, 2012

a few pictures from the time

my family crammed themselves into our tiny apartment 
to try and spend more time with us (cough *Lincoln* cough) before they went back to California.

Everyone, that is, except my brother McKay, who is currently working in North Dakota... least we got to spend time with him (back in June), while he drove to a state I forgot existed (as did the rest of the world, which means bank for everyone there, at least right now).  What a sexy beast, if I ever did see one.


  1. Your whole family looks great! I especially love your mom's hair! Super cute! Looks like a great time for everyone:)

    1. i agree, your mom's hair is adorable ! :]

  2. Wow, thanks LeiShell & Jamie Lynn! Love the pictures of the family Jen. I somehow forgot to get a 'together' shot when we were together. That is so great you got everyone...dangit! Time flies by so fast that by the time I see a new stage in everyone it is over.