Sunday, August 26, 2012

T'was the night before a reunion, and all through the house... one was sleeping, not even a mouse.  

The night before Tyce's family reunion, Lincoln decided to boycott sleep.  When he finally did fall asleep (it was more like his body shut down rather than "fell asleep"), it was sprawled out in our bed.  Then randomly Tyce got really sick, waking up our little anti-REM-cycler again.  It was like a party for everyone (up until 4:30 a.m. and then sick...sounds sorta similar, right?)!

Since Tyce was still sick the next morning and I was not about to leave the house without some major under eye concealer, Tyce's parents (bless them) took our energetic toddler with them to watch Pocatello's Pioneer Day Parade.

That gave us an hour to finish getting ready (my job), lie on the couch in agony (Tyce's job), stare at the wall (combination effort), and pull ourselves together for a family reunion.  I thought we would be insanely exhausted/sick all day, but Tyce started feeling better and my energy level upped after we joined the living, outside.

All that vitamin D and watching the entire family dote on our baby was a serious mood-boost!  Lincoln's power to command multiple rounds of applause kept him very entertained, and the fact he kept his sunglasses on made us especially proud, so the day ended up as a surprisingly pleasant success.

Even though the previous night's sleep was a miserable fail, seeing Tyce's family laugh with Lincoln, eating perfectly ripe watermelon with fried chicken, and leaving with one happy little boy made the short trip all worthwhile.  I'd do it again in a heartbeat.  There are times that saying goodbye is difficult, but I think those are the best kind: you know you'll be missed, and they'll know you wish you could stay longer.


  1. Yes we miss you! Wonderful pictures of everyone :)

  2. Cute pics with the sunglasses! But your night sounds like my night last night. ( that was a lot of usage of the word night, lol)..miserable...