Friday, August 3, 2012

My Customized Camera Bag

Ever since we invested in a camera, we've been looking for "the perfect bag" to carry it in.  I refused to purchase one of those horrible, specifically-designed-for-our-camera bag because not only was it ugly and extra baggage, but also had "Canon" written all over it (a.k.a. "steal me!").  And so began my first, very crafty project to create my own customized camera bag to carry our delicate camera, plus everything I would need from my purse/diaper bag.

First, I bought a bag for under $20 from H&M that offered enough room to hold everything I usually carry (plus a huge camera), then I followed and customized a DIY guideline for creating a personalized camera bag (found here).  If I have an extra lens or want an isolated space, I stick a padded sectional in and, voila!  And since it was built as a purse, there's large pockets on both sides.

And then, since I was feeling all Martha Stewart-esque, I used some extra material to make mini-pockets to hold any cords I would be throwing in, just so everything was extra-organized.  But you know.  Me and "DIY" projects only happen a few times per lifetime, so I thought I'd get crazy.

See what I'm talking about?  The insanity!  But, now I have the perfect bag that I can fit a drink, snacks, diapers, lip gloss, keys, cards (etc, etc) and a giant camera into without feeling like a wanna-be photographer...just a mom with an extremely oversized purse.


  1. Great alternative to those pricey bags. I have two. One that screams expensive camera, and a discreet backpack kind that I love. But that one has style. I'm always looking for a new bag...maybe I'll do like you did and make one!

  2. Um this is the coolest thing ever! You should sell these. I would totally buy one! haha but seriously

  3. this is awesome! you did such a great job! i absolutely want one now :-)