Friday, August 24, 2012

Date Night Chatter (plus some!)

This is the face of one happy dude, finally done with summer midterms.  And yes sir, this is one late post, but "late" is technically better than "never" (it's in the Declaration of Independence somewhere), so hey!  I have my reasons.  Just rewind yo' mind (about a month), and here we go!

While Rachel visited, not only did she let us sneak out every night after Lincoln was asleep to talk (not whisper) about the day, we also got a much-needed, post-summer-school-midterms celebratory date!  A date where we didn't see a movie or go to dinner, but camped out at a local coffee shop to talk, share a cookie, and talk a little more while strolling our old Sugarhouse neighborhood.

And then we thought, "what's a good date without a few horribly grainy pictures taken with our trusty point-and-shoot, pocket sized camera?"  We were right, weren't we?  

P.S. I re-sized these pictures with the help of a calculator that was just rubbed in a naked Lincoln's little "puddle" he left (luckily on the tile, yet not so lucky for the nearby calculator he enlisted to help him clean up with) while I ran to the bathroom for 2.34 milliseconds, thinking, "I'm such a cool mom to let my child have a few minutes of beloved naked time - I really need to relax more often."  Yeah...

I could've used my computer's built-in, slow-as-all hizz-ell "calculator"...but what else are Clorox wipes for (that was a ridiculous question, but catch my drift)?  Once I told Tyce, he bought me a brand new, grandpa-sized, pink one ($1.50 at your local Walgreens, c'mon down!).  Win-win, if you ask me (but perhaps not for the calculator in the trash, who's screen is now fogged up, since a Clorox wipe isn't that magical).  I thought you'd appreciate those details.  You can thank me later.


  1. Aaaw, how cute are you two? Love your shirt. And laughed at the Lincoln story. Ps...when taking pics with a camera that has greater resolution and is a larger file...there is a way I have found to make pics better. Check out my photo for my recent post:)

  2. Very cute....and boys are just...dangerous naked;) and so it goes.