Saturday, August 25, 2012

26.5 year throw back

I was the first baby out of six (read: the best and most pictures taken of me out of six others), so my parent's expressions of extreme enthusiasm and adoration was totally, 100% real.  I had them wrapped around my little finger!

When they were bringing my brother, McKay, home from the hospital, I was so mad I now had to share their attention, I demanded my dad pull the car over, and said (or yelled), "Mommy - out!  Baby too!"  Perhaps I should've been a little more serious, since they still added four more after that incidence.
It's fun to see how similar to Lincoln I look in these pictures (although I have more hair at three months old than he does now), but really, I love seeing how my parents look - how young and excited they were.  Everything was new, every chubby baby cheek was theirs, every wobbly attempt I took to stand was incredible, and they probably thought I was so smart when I learned my name.

Like we did with Lincoln, and every parent does with their first baby.  They remind me of an emotional place similar to where we are now, and just were, and I love it.  Love.


  1. Goodness your mom is gorgeous! And yes, first babies do bring that overjoyed feeling and surprise. I sure do hope I feel like that with a second:) And yes, lots of similarities between your pic and Lincoln. The eyes.

  2. I love how dad wore full on clothes to the beach even back then!

  3. Oh, LeiShell, that was a sweet compliment. And Jenfiner ;), isn't it fun to see the similarities once you've 'been there'? they are so close, so real. It is a treat to watch you parent, you are a good mother and so devoted. I can't help but wonder if I was as good as you and pleased that you would do so well it gives me pause?