Saturday, July 14, 2012

Happy Birthday to my lover!

Tyce is thirty one today.  Thirty one!  Last year he was like, "whatever, thirty's not so old," while this year he told me his age is seeming more difficult to accept.  It may be because last year he hadn't actually endured an entire year of little to no sleep, insane work+school hours, a demanding toddler, and a wife that always has "just one more thing" to say before letting him sleep.

But!  Last year, Tyce also hadn't realized how beautiful and smart Lincoln would become, how much he loves being a father, that school is one of his definite strengths, how fulfilling spirituality feels, and enjoying the smiles, the rare uninterrupted nap, laughs, and simple beauties that make up our daily life.

So, Happy Birthday Tyce, the love of my life!  Let's party!


  1. happy birthday to your husband!

  2. So neat our hubby's share the same bday. We're so cool;)

  3. Love you, Tyson! You get a present....but not til later!
    Jen's mom;)