Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lincoln's favorite part of the day.

The week after Lincoln was born, Tyce called me on his way home from work.  He told me that he had just heard the perfect song about falling in love, and how much it reminded him of what he was emotionally going through with our brand-new Lincoln.  Everyone always tells you it will happen, but it never makes sense until it actually happens to you.  And Tyce was falling in love with our baby boy, a love stronger, deeper, and more meaningful than anticipated.
Reminiscing those first few months make me realize how lucky Lincoln is to have a father that is still as excited and as enthusiastic as he was the first day he was born.  From the first few moments of Lincoln's life, Tyson has been there to hold his hand, make him laugh, change his diapers, read him books, learn sign language to communicate, and become the highlight of Lincoln's day.
Being a parent for the first time is an amazing experience, and somehow, the world looks different.  Things sound different; new colors emerge and specific words now applied to our life that did not just days before.  The world shifts.  We were now parents.  New parents.  Life was so different, so much more meaningful, and nothing will ever top it.

Happy Father's Day Tyson!  We are extremely blessed to have someone that values fatherhood as you do!

And to my own dad, who taught me what to look for in a husband, who put his children before all else, and who devotes his life to the gospel.  He continually sets an example of patience, devotion, and love, and I feel so extremely blessed to have him as my father.  Happy Father's Day, Dad!

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  1. I like what you did with the pics! They are so cute together! Dads are so special, especially for boys!