Saturday, June 30, 2012

"just a mom"

While being on vacation is so wonderful, Lincoln seems to push me further than usual, demand more, and to be blatantly honest, somewhat exhaust me.  Lincoln is beginning to realize he is an individual, also realizing he can manipulate situations in his favor.  Most moments I love seeing him assert his independence, but of course, there are always a few times I struggle to keep my cool.  

A few nights ago I had a mini freak-out at the dinner table with Lincoln, my parents watching.  It was over something so ridiculous, but that night it was the final straw. 

 Luckily, I'm blessed with parents who helped me laugh instead of judge my emotional breakdown, making me realize that every mom - no matter how "easy" the situation may seem from an outside perspective - has times of justifiable frustration.  That although it may seem like all I do is change diapers, puree baby food, nurse, wake up very early, clean, etcetera, etcetera, being a mother is an amazing and fulfilling calling.  The daily "to do" lists are not the moments I will remember.

It becomes so easy to concentrate on the mundane, but in doing so, the small meaningful moments are missed.  I used to become irritated when someone asked if I was "just a mom," since it's such an emotionally (and physically) tolling job, but it still felt wrong to compare my daily workload to theirs because the focus was on the unenjoyable and difficult tasks.
When someone asks me that question now, I feel extremely lucky that my job is one which is full of inspiration, kisses, games, laughs, and bubble baths.  I don't feel it necessary to justify my decision to a person who is attempting to compare their childless life with mine, because they just cannot understand.  Being a mother has it's difficult days, but the majority of time, I know I'm the one with the better job!  

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  1. Yes, I agree. And now I see what you meant by that "just a mom" post. The great moments outweigh the negatives, which are not negatives at all. I've worked...I'd rather be a mom. It's a calling for I embrace. As they get older it gets harder and easier in other ways. I have my days with Eli too and it can make me lose my cool too...we all do it. They are coming into their own and it can be rough...but so enjoyable and rewarding too.