Friday, May 11, 2012


My sister, Rachel, thought I might this song to sing as a lullaby (I'm guessing she'd heard me sing "Winkin, Blinkin, and Nod" over the monitor too many times).  Since learning the song, it's become Lincoln's favorite.

The song is about putting the broken pieces back together and because I've gone through some heartbreak (haven't we all?) in life, it makes me horribly sad to think that the little boy, laying on my lap nursing, might also experience something similar.  To think of a day I can no longer protect Lincoln makes my voice become wobbly with emotion and I have to take deep breaths (and a few pauses) to finish the song.

It makes me so grateful for the atonement's power, for the strength the gospel brings to help avoid the world's heartbreak; it motivates me to be a mother who teaches Lincoln how to prevent making detrimental decisions, and to be there for him in times of unavoidable difficulty.

I keep singing this song to remind myself to become a better example, a better teacher, and to enjoy this minuscule amount of time I get Lincoln in my arms.  And just maybe I keep singing this particular song because Lincoln is so tired of my other lullabies that lately, my attempts to sing something else annoy him.

Oh, and probably because I sound so similar to Michelle Branch.  That's probably the real reason Lincoln enjoys me singing this so much.


  1. You just made me cry.

  2. Okay, So I totally cried too. That picture of you two...gah, I love it. I love seeing a real moment between a mom and her baby. This song was in my head all day...thanks to really, thank you. It is a beautiful song...loved this.

  3. There is nothing like having your own child to bring crystal clear clarity to the purpose of life. Doesn't matter what you sing, Jen. He feels your presence and love with every note. Somehow it sinks in deep and you will see that love reflected back in his eyes as he covers you with wet kisses and pudgy arms around your neck.
    Best payday ever!!