Thursday, March 29, 2012

This baby loves his "neigh"

When Lincoln was a couple months old, we bought him a stuffed turtle and called it "neigh," since it was the current sound Lincoln was making.  Since then, they've developed quite the relationship.

When Lincoln struggled with an intense case of infant GER (essentially, horrible acid reflux) and would go on multiple day nursing strikes, we'd put Neigh on his lap, which somehow provided enough distraction and comfort for Lincoln to eat.  On nights Lincoln isn't sleepy but it's past bedtime, he will talk to Neigh until he falls asleep in his crib instead of crying for us (like this).  Obviously, it's not just Lincoln who loves Neigh!


  1. Oh my gosh, that's the sweetest! I love the pic of his chin on it and the one of him holding it. Super cute. Eli loves different animals at different times. He loved his giraffe, his turtle, his bear...but now he falls asleep with his cars. Pretty funny!

  2. so cute. :] brett looked at every picture with me and said "awww, baby !" with a big smile on his face. :]

  3. His smile is contagious! I'm seriously grinning ear to ear just looking at these photos.