Thursday, March 1, 2012


This little boy is somewhat obsessed with my family's golden retriever, Scout.  Lincoln not only yells "dee-dee!" whenever he sees her, but he also enjoys extracurricular canine activities such as playing in her water bucket and chewing on pieces of wood (when we're not looking).  It makes me wish we had a backyard so we could get an animal for Lincoln to grow up with!


  1. this is so, so cute!!
    big dogs are the best with babies... especially retrievers. lincoln looks adorable and so does "dee-dee" :)
    xx jes

  2. best buddies there ! i love lincoln's shoes. :]

  3. oh gosh, i love his big smile! mr. lincoln is just too cute! now you will have to get him a pet to play with at home :-)

    ps: i tagged you in a post over on my blog today! come check it out:

    have a great weekend!

  4. You need a pup....;) Having a pet is nice for Eli ( even if It's work for me!) I love watching them play...and his smile melts my heart. He's loving grandma's house!!!