Wednesday, March 28, 2012

play dating with my high school BFF

There are a few things that living in Utah makes difficult, and being so far from the friends I grew up with definitely falls under that category.  One of my best "bosom friends" (as Anne Shirley would say) was LeiShell.

We grew up, made the transition from girls to hotties (you know it), figured out the art of makeup, which kind of clothes made us feel pretty, and that tanning on a roof isn't any more effective than on the ground.  I guess when I say "grew up," what I really mean is "got boobs."  Still, it's a prrreetty important part of a girl's life!  

We provided a support system to Operation: get the French teacher fired (or admitted to a psych ward), an emotional escape from the teenage frustration of parents, and although we came from very different belief systems and family dynamics, we were the best of friends.  And I miss that.  Sometimes I miss that terribly, so our play date was the perfect medication for my friend-missing blues!


  1. Those were the best times! I would do it all again! We grew up, but what I found is that we were still very much who we were then...with boobs. Haha. Thanks for a great post! I'm gonna share it on my blog, if that's okay. You just said it so perfectly. Plus our boys are ADORABLE! Naturally. LOL

  2. You two are both gorgeous! Super fun post! and yes, LeiShell, your boys are darling!! :)

  3. Yup, both gorgeous girls with two adorable boys....and I'm so glad you were friends then and now....with or without boobs ;)