Monday, March 12, 2012

mommy equilibrium

Sometimes I ask myself if I really need a 10 lb. diaper bag to lug around...and then I remember it's almost essential to keep me balanced.  I kinda feel like Lady Liberty, but instead of representing justice, I represent all things mommy.


  1. I stopped with the diaper bag, myself. That shit is heavy! lol... I figure that they dont need quite as much anymore so a few diapers and a packet of wipes and we are set! Of course I run the risk of needing a change of clothes, teething meds, whatever. ahhh, to be a mama! :)

  2. It gets easier. Pretty soon you wont need to lug one around EVERYWHERE. I keep diapers and wipes in my purse. I also have a larger purse now, so I just traded up lol. I still keep the diaper bag in the truck, but just don't carry it as often. BTW, you look soo cute!