Friday, March 23, 2012

I have an answer to the question "what's for dinner?"

I struggle with cooking, baking, and oh, I don't know...stirring jello has proved dangerous for me in the past.  In short - I'm horrible when it comes to making meals.  Those "easy" recipes that claim they require "ingredients everyone already has in their kitchen" have proven disastrous for me, because I either do not already own the ingredients (apparently like everyone else), or because they are not, in fact, easy.

Since I've gotten married I've improved my cooking skills (somewhat) and most night I usually have an [unburnt] dinner waiting for Tyce.  This baked hummus chicken recipe has been a favorite lately, and guess what?  It is super easy (and healthy, and delicious).  You're welcome.


  1. hahaha how cute are you, lincoln!!!
    xx jes

  2. that first paragraph was totally explaining me, too ! lol there are very few things i don't mess up on in some way or another. i LOVE his little toothy grin !!! :] on another note, is that a tollhouse cookie package i see on the middle shelf ? ;]

  3. I have a "go to" list of things that I cook that always come out fabulous and would never guess they are easy! It just takes asking your mom a lot of questions and some trial and error...that recipe sounds super yummy. I love hummus so I am going to try that one of these days! I love that picture of Lincoln!