Thursday, February 16, 2012

tub thumpin'

We have ordered two different highchairs in the last month: the first one we bought was supposed to be for small apartments but it was very flimsy, short, and didn't have any features (the tray wasn't even adjustable, so all of the food would have fallen into Lincoln's lap). The second highchair we bought had lots of features (with some we'd never use), but was so giant that it wouldn't fit in our kitchen or anywhere near without being a complete nuisance to get around. 

We finally found one that wasn't too big, or too small.  Hopefully this one will be juuust right.  Except it's taking forever to get here!  My solution: dinner in the bath.  Without a highchair he ends up in the bath anyways, so I thought why not skip a messy step of smearing food all over the kitchen and eat meals while taking a bath.  Needless to say, Lincoln's had lots of baths lately.


  1. I love our high chair. It's small and adjustable, and only cost $35. I'll send you a pic:) but bathtub meals sound like a lot more fun@

  2. i was going to ask if he had spit up in the first picture but now i get it ! haha :] brett never liked his high chair so i'm glad we were able to borrow one and didn't waste the money on it. whatever works !! :] he certainly looks like he enjoyed the dinner/bath !

  3. ahh, that is amazing!!! LOVE IT! Seriously can't wait until you come down!!!

  4. first time at your blog and i love it! the name of it is hilarious and i look forward to reading more!