Tuesday, February 7, 2012

our favorite kind of toy

It's possible that Tyce and I had more fun than Lincoln did with the cardboard box game.  Our favorite was playing "pawn shop," where we would hand Lincoln toys which he would either put in his box with him, or throw back at us.  Sorta hilarious.


  1. I love the pic of him waving! Pawn shop...too funny! Boxes, spoons, tupperware, wrapping paper, rocks, sticks, dirt...those are all Eli's favorites!

  2. He looks so different in these pictures. He is becoming a little boy instead of a baby. Kind of makes me sad! Cute pictures though! Love it!

  3. super hilarious! One of the best parts of having kids is to play and be silly. We love building forts with Michael.

  4. boxes are SO fun !! we bought brett a power wheels truck last year and the box fit all three of us in it so we cut out a door and window and he loved it. :]

  5. Remember when Dad would duct tape you guys into boxes, just so you could kick your way out?
    Was always so fun to watch and McKay had those 'special' shoes that were like bricks and
    could kick there way through anything. And so the game begins in your family!!
    Love you!