Wednesday, February 29, 2012

On a jet plane

Last Thursday Lincoln and I flew from Salt Lake City to Oakland, California, then caught another flight home after a two hour layover.  I delayed Lincoln's naps so they corresponded with the flights, then let him nurse to sleep.

On the second flight we sat next to a man who looked similar to a 49ers football player, but I was kinda (really) determined to get Lincoln to sleep, so I was all, "you don't scare me, crazy large man spilling onto my seat and stealing my arm rest!" which I more thought than said directly to his face.  Then I nursed Lincoln and he fell asleep within the minute.  The man ordered a whiskey and proceeded to talk about his three year old daughter who refuses to go to bed at a reasonable hour.  Mission accomplished.

P.S.  Lincoln and I matched outfits.


  1. i just love that the two of you are matching!!!
    and totally know what you mean about having "football players" sit next to you. it's so, you're in my zone, but i'm too scared to ask you to move, but move.

  2. he is so dang cute !!! i'm glad you didn't have problems with him flying. :]

  3. You are a brave one. I've yet to experience a jet plane with my little one and I feel the day is coming soon!

    - Sarah

  4. sarah is right, you are brave! i'm glad you two had a good trip, and you are both cute in your matching outfits.


  5. haha! that story is hilarious!


  6. Haha, you two are so cute! I love the matching outfits. And so did football player take the pic of you two then?:)

    1. oh no! there wasn't enough room to even pull the camera out of my bag when i sat next to him! these pictures are from our first flight when we had an extra seat next to us

  7. I am really nervous to take my little one on a plane. Partly because of the ear problems I've heard about and partly because I don't want him to cry the whole time (even though he's a good baby, you never know) I'm glad it went well for you.