Thursday, November 10, 2011

penguins from texas

On Monday, Tyce's parents were in town and took us to the Aquarium.  They had penguins on loan from a Texas zoo (with an audience so large Tyce had to put Lincoln on his shoulders to see), sting rays we were able to pet, and beautiful jelly fish.  There were lots of snakes, and the aquarium had an infrared picture (ours is here) that showed how reptiles see warmth.
The entire time I kept whispering to Tyce, "that's all the space they get?  They hardly have room to stretch!"  Although the aquarium is a great learning experience, it's also a very sad and limiting place for animals.  Penguins just weren't made to be stuck in a small room in Sandy, Utah, you know?  And then we drove home, put Lincoln down for a nap, and ordered pizza.  Tyce's parents even watched Lincoln for us, so we snuck out for an hour!  Now that's my kind of Monday night.


  1. I love Lincoln's outfit!!!! Those shoes still kill me!!!!

  2. I agree with you about animals being in tanks. I felt like that when we went to the zoo...although they do try to make it as real as possible it will never compare to REAL. Looks like you had fun! I want to sneak away for an hour! Awesome!

  3. oh how sweet! love the picture on the frog:) cute, cute!
    thanks for the love over at my place, hunn!