Saturday, November 19, 2011

make love, not war.

Lately I've felt great!  Like, Tony the Tiger great.  The past few months I've felt somewhere between run over and extremely drained, so this sudden bounce in my step is pretty awesome!  Since I was trying to adjust to a baby's demands, getting up 2-5 times a night and not running on my body's own selfish schedule anymore, I thought feeling so exhausted was normal.  And then.

And then I realized the only liquid I was drinking all day was Diet Coke, realized I don't get close to the recommended amount of liquid (not even water, just any liquid), and that my skin was not tolerating the seasonal change well.  After looking up the recommended amount of water to drink every day (nursing moms = 80 ounces!) I decided to commit.  Just for a few days, to see if I was missing anything (besides 50 trips to the bathroom).

The first day I drank 60 ounces and felt amazing.  I wasn't planning on feeling different, but my energy level jumped.  My lips aren't constantly chapped, my hair isn't as brittal, and I don't feel like I have a refrigerator strapped to my back (because, you know, it gets hard to walk around like that after 3.23 seconds).  I don't even buy Diet Coke anymore (possibly because there is literally no room in my stomach after so much water).  Maybe I'm experiencing a "no-duh" moment, but I'm still surprised at much better I feel.  From now on, all my water bottle hears from me is, "oh heyyyy!"


  1. that is so much water! wow - yeah i can tell a distinct difference in my skin when i drink more water but i haven't felt a change in energy (although i drink not early that much). you've inspired me to try. going to fill up a water bottle right now :)


  2. I go through little spurts where I drink tons of water and then not enough. When I was pregnant I drank tons and in the first few months after he was born too....but now I just get lazy! I am so inspired to start drinking more. I really could use nicer skin and hair...who couldn't?!

  3. You have hot legs. MY SISTER HAS HOT LEGS! Thought I might shout that out. Pretty proud of it. Now I'm going to go screaming through the streets. With that kind of information I am bound to make a few friends from it!

  4. I really needed to read this. I never get my recommended amount of water each day and my husband thinks I'm crazy for how little liquid I drink! If it will help me feel energized and help my skin and lips I am all for it! Thanks for the push I needed :)